Border CollieAt Caherconnell Sheepdog Demonstrations you will meet three of our dogs; Rose and Lee are Border Collies and Sally is half Collie and Half Scottish cattle dog.

We will demonstrate the dogs working with both cattle and sheep putting the dogs through their paces with a wide variety of tasks.

The sheepdog and the ‘cattle-dog’ go about their business with very different tactics.

Sheepdogs, such as the Border Collie maintain control of the flock using their predatory behaviour.  This involves little physical contact but significant eye contact.

Sheep Dog Demonstrations CaherconnellOn the other hand the cattle dog is much smaller than the cattle being herded and therefore needs to illustrate that its’ bite is most definitely worse than its’ bark.  Thus the ‘cattle dog’ will ‘nip’ at the heels of the cattle so as to get them to obey.

As you will see the skill, intelligence and obedience of a well trained sheepdog makes an invaluable contribution to any farming family.

Come along… we know you will enjoy the experience!



Caherconnell Sheepdog Demonstrations viewing areaThe Demonstration

At Caherconnell our Border Collie (Lee) is pure bred. The Border Collie breed has been developed specifically for working with sheep and he has specific skills which have been developed through a breeding process of over 100 years.

Our demonstrations are designed to highlight the manner in which the Border Collie herds the sheep not through the bite or contact of any kind but a rather more psychological approach.  Thus the demonstrations simulate actual situations where the sheepdog can be of optimum use to the farmer.

img01Using a small, but very specific code of command, the demonstrations will show how the border collie can split the sheep into groups, isolate
specific sheep and round up the sheep at the feet of the farmer in order to allow him to examine them.

Thus the sheepdog is an essential part of the functionality of a farm in that the dog has the stamina and agility to complete difficult herding tasks on a landscape which is not designed for speed of movement.