The Border Collie

What Sound does a Border Collie make?

Lee Caherconnell Sheepdog in action

Lee – Caherconnell Sheepdog in action

Border collies are much like predators in their herding techniques.

Surprisingly, they do not bark or seek to frighten the sheep in any way.

The strong breeding present in the Border Collie is evident during the demonstration where you will see the dogs creep along keeping their backs straight and focussing their attention completely on the herd.

The dogs will respond to voice commands but will pay careful attention to the specific whistles provided by the shepherd.

You will not hear the dog bark during the demonstration as the presence of the Border Collie is more than enough to put the sheep on edge.

The breeding of the Border Collie has ensured that these dogs will go about their business as quietly as possible and will (most of the time!) respond only to the whistles provided by the shepherd in command.

The Border Collies here at Caherconnell Sheepdog Demonstrations are trained using 4-5 specific commands.


The Border Collie – Some Interesting Facts

John the Caherconnell Shepherd in action

John the Caherconnell Shepherd in action

The Border Collie gets its names from its early ancestors, a dog developed and bred in the border lands between England and Scotland which were highly prized for their herding abilities.

Border Collies can be almost any colour, including red and completely white.

All pure bred Border Collies alive today can trace an ancestral line back to one dog, a Border Collie called “Old Hemp” who lived from 1893-1901. Old Hemp is considered the father of the breed and it was from him that the Border Collie style of herding was developed.

The most popular Border Collie stud was Wiston Cap, the dog who appears on the International Sheep Herding Badge; he is posed in the pose that is characteristic of herding Border Collies.

Border Collies are very intelligent; proof of Border Collie intelligence is Rico, a Border Collie study subject who could recognize more than 250 objects by name.

The record for the “fastest car window opened by a dog” in the Guinness Book of World Records is held by a Border Collie named Striker; his record time is 11.34 seconds.

Border Collies are used for more than just herding; they also make good tracking, search and rescue, and therapy dogs.

Border Collies are sometimes used to chase birds and animals from airport runways and golf course greens.