Read what other people have to say about the Burren Geology Field School at Caherconnell

“The geology program at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver applauds our ongoing collaboration with the Burren Geology Field School at Caherconnell, Ireland. We are a strong but relatively small geology program with limited personnel. Therefore, our offerings in field related experiences for geoscientists is somewhat restricted. However, in our efforts to prepare students for research and field work, we have developed several national and international opportunities and we are very pleased to now have the Caherconnell geology field experience in connection with the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), as a standing and exciting international offering for our budding geoscientists.
Since my earliest site visit in 2014, I am impressed with dedication, caliber and pedagogy of the field experience offered. Students are able to experience in concrete field settings one of the most stunning Paleozoic deltaic stratigraphy which continues to attract seasoned petroleum geologists in their efforts for continuing education. The Burren Geology Field School at Caherconnell offers an educational experience for our students which is unparalleled. Not only is this hands on field course a grand source of field geologic skills and training, the Irish hospitality associated with the school stands on its own merit, giving students an added cultural experience by interacting with the local culture, cuisine and lodging, incidently all part of the total course packet.

Remarks from our students who have participated in the Burren Geology Field School are without exception positive, from “most remarkable international geologic experience” to “best field course I have ever taken”. We are also excited that one of our students was able to engaged in an undergraduate research project through the field school with total support of their associated professors.
Our Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver                                                                                    will continue to use this remarkable field program as a consistent course offering for our geology program. We recommend the Burren Geology Field School at Caherconnell to any academic program that is serious of providing an unparalleled international field experience for their geoscientists.”

Associate Professor of Geology
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Metropolitan State University of Denver


“As a student who has attended Burren Geology Field School at Caherconnell for two consecutive summers, I can assure future participants that the school offers numerous opportunities for fieldwork outside of classroom setting, as well as in-class sessions that could cement your learning from the fieldwork. The faculty members are experts in their academic fields, and they’ve done a superb job in integrating the classroom learning and the fieldwork.

In the fieldwork, you learn how to observe different geological features and interpret their origin; you not only learn what to look for out on the field, but also how to provide a logical reasoning for your own interpretation of a geological feature.

The program itself is highly fieldwork based, but it also provides an opportunity to learn the more technical side of geology/earth science in class; working with QGIS and microscope, for example, becomes a great complement to what you’ve learned from the fieldwork.

The program focuses on the formation and the transformation of the Carboniferous Clare Basin, and because there are many factors controlling the basin, you have a chance to cover topics of sedimentology, structural geology, geographic information system, paleontology, geochemistry, and so on. Towards the end of the program, you’ll notice how you can juggle all these topics and manage to find a connection among them.

Coming back to college after this experience, I feel more confident as a geologist/earth scientist. I’ve noticed tremendous changes in my academic; I understand the materials more readily in class than ever before and I’m more efficient in handling labs and fieldwork.

I would highly recommend this program to every student hoping to become a well-rounded geologist/earth scientist.”

– Tae Hamm (attended 2015, 2016)
Geology Student
Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin